The Free Conference call service that pays you to use it

Earn $0.03 for every minute that you and your conference participants are connected.
Free Conference Calling
Our free conference calling platform allows you to hold free conference calls with anybody anywhere in the world. Up to 10 participants can join a conference call using our free conference calling service. The only thing you and your participanats need to do is pay for the price of the phone call to access the free conference room. We have access numbers for all over the world so you and your participants should find it easy to access our platform regardless of which country you are located in. But our fantastic service does not stop there. We also pay you to use our service. We pay you $0.03 for every minute that you and your conference calling partners are connected to our service. So if there are 10 of you talking in a conference call and and the call lasts 5 minutes, then you will earn 10 x $0.03 x 5 $1.50 for that call. Being the master user and the person who set up the call, the entire amount will be paid to you (not to the other participants).
Sound too good to be true?
At face value it might sound too good to be true but once we explain our business model to you it will make perfect sense. Let's say that you are based in the UK and you decide to dial a France access number in order to access our free conference calls service. Your phone operator might charge you $0.06 per minute to call our French conference call access number. Out of this $0.06 your operator will have to pay us a portion of money for connecting your call to our access number which is on our network. Once we receive this payment from your operator we simply retain some of it and pay you the rest back at the rate of $0.03 per minute. But this is where it gets really interesting. Let's say that your phone operator is doing a promotion where they give you unlimited free calls to France every month. This means you could potentially call our French access number for free. However even though the call might be free for you, your operator still has to pay us at the rate of $0.03 per minute. So in essence you could be calling one of our international access numbers for free in order to use our free conference call service and making $0.03 per minute in return. Easy money!

Getting started is fast and easy

  • Register within 30 seconds
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  • Dial In To Start Conferencing
  • Make Money While You Talk

Fantastic features of our free call conferencing service

Large Conference Rooms
Hold conference calls for up to 10 participants
Make Money
Earn $0.03 for every minute you are connecting to our conference call service
Easy Access
We have a range of international access numbers that let you access our conference calling platform making it easy and convenient for you to hold your conference call regardless of which country you and your participants are located in.
No Limits!
Earn an additional $0.03 for every minute that each one of your call participants are connected to the service. The more people connected to a call, the more you talk. The more you earn!
Pay only for the cost of the call to our access numbers. Check call charges with your operator as they differ from provider to provider. Some operators may let you call our access numbers for free using your bundled minutes.
Itemised Billing
Fully automated itemised billing. See every call made and the amount of money that you've earned as soon as you end the call.
Schedule conference calls and send invites to all call participants when you log in to the member's area.
Easy Access To Your Cash
Fast payouts. We pay via cheque or Paypal approximately 30 days after the end of the month. For larger payments we can pay via TT.