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Get a free UK Virtual Mobile Number and start Free international call divert earning money for incoming calls now!

Forward all calls you receive on your Virtual Number to your existing landline or mobile and earn 3p per minute* for every inbound call you receive.

Our service caters for business customers from all over the world who receive a high level of inbound calls.

Cash Your Calls gives such business customers the opportunity to earn revenue for these inbound calls by paying them GBP0.03 (3 pence) per minute* for each inbound call they receive on their virtual number.

The concept is simple. You get a free UK business number from us, with no fees, no contracts and no hidden charges.

Your free UK Virtual Number will be a standard UK mobile / cell phone number e.g. +44 7998 123 456

You give this number to all of your customers. You then program your UK business line to automatically divert all calls for free to your existing business landline or mobile number. This can be done in less than 5 seconds via our online portal which all of our customers have access to.

We offer free international call divert to landlines and mobiles in over 70 countries so you can receive calls for free from many different parts of the world.

Anytime one of your customers calls you on your free virtual number, the call will automatically connect to your existing landline or mobile for free. You won't be charged a penny for receiving the inbound call. In fact it's quite the opposite. We'll pay you instead for receiving calls from your customers on your free UK phone number, at the rate of GBP0.03 (3 pence) per minute*.

Our unbelievable service doesn't stop there. If anybody sends a text / sms message to your UK business line we will also deliver it to any email address of your choice for free. Again this can be set up via our online portal.

Our free virtual numbers are standard UK mobile / cell phone numbers which your customers from all over the world can call. They are NOT premium rate numbers or expensive 070 divert / follow me numbers which cost a fortune for your customers to call.

Many of your customers will be able to call you on your UK Virtual Mobile Numbers for free using their inclusive cross network call bundles. This means it costs them nothing to call you but you could still be making 3p per minute* every time they call you!

If you're looking for 0844 & 0871 numbers, Free international call Divert / forwarding, Free UK Business number / Free UK Virtual mobile number / Free SMS to Email then Cash Your Calls is the service for you. Get Paid to talk!

Features of our Service

  • FREE Account set up
  • FREE UK Virtual Mobile Number
  • Receive calls to your UK Virtual Number for FREE
  • Divert inbound calls to your existing landline / mobile in 70 countries for FREE!
  • Earn 3p per minute* for inbound calls you receive
  • Get sms / text messages delivered to your email address for free!
  • Free online account management & statistics
  • No hidden charges. No contract

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Free Sms to e-mail

"We run a hotel. Our 0844 booking number cannot be called from abroad so our virtual number from Cash Your Calls allows us to receive bookings from abroad & we earn every time a customer calls us."

- Manager London Olympic Hotel

"Our customers can now send a sms / text message to us to book a cab and it gets delivered to us via email. We've also made £250 this month on receiving inbound calls. The free sms to email service has really given us an edge over our competitors. Brilliant service"

- Asad from Sth Woodford Cabs

"We run a car export business from the UK. Most of the calls we receive originate from Africa so I was very pleased to have found a service like this as other cash type call services don't allow calls from abroad"

- Ola from Brixton, London

"Our customers were complaining that calling our 0844 customer service number was costing them a fortune from their mobiles. By using a Cash Your Calls number as an alternative customer services number our customers are now happy as it costs them less to call us and we're actually making more money than we were through our 0844 number provider who only gave us 2p per minute. Very happy!"

- Janice from Bitz for Kids

"We are a software company based in India. All of our customers are in UK. We previously used a UK number from SKYPE but there was a problem when we had no internet connection and we were bound to only take calls on PC. Our new UK number from Cash Your Calls means we can take calls anywhere at anytime now even on mobile so its great. I still can't believe we make money when our customers call us. Very pleased indeed !"

- Ashok from Mumbai

"We are gameing company in China. We have 3,000 customer in UK. Our customer say it cheaper for them to call our UK Virtual Number then call us direct China. Customer happy. We happy. We get pay 3p per minute*. We make USD1,500 last month and Cash Your Calls connect call to us from uk customer to us in China for free. Other company charge. Thank you"

- Chan from China, Shenzhen

"I run a medium size law firm. I really thought this company was a scam. Sounded too good to be true. We only went with them on the recommendation of a client. They paid us on time and as promised. Wasn't a huge amount of money but we'll be promoting our new UK Virtual Number over our regular landline number from now on so earnings should increase."

- Charles

"We are a USA based retailer with a large customer base in the UK. We've searched the internet high & low and they really are 1 of a kind with this service. Not only do we make money from our UK customers, we also make money when they call us to place an order. Our UK customers have also told us its cheaper for them to call our UK Virtual Number than to call us direct on our U.S number. Win Win!"

- Anonymous

"We mostly use the SMS to Email function. We tried using a short code before but it would cost customers too much money to text it so we switched to a UK Number provided by Cash Your Calls which our customers can text for free and the text messages are delivered to our email."

- Magenta from Impella UK

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